by chill/hilarious

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released January 2, 2015

chill/hilarious is:
zayna- drums, vocals
jack- guitars, bass

mixed in jack's bedroom
thanks to r.c. for the amp and drum mics
thanks to zayna for the basement



all rights reserved


chill/hilarious Cherry Hill, New Jersey

she plays, he plays, she sings

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Track Name: Bullet
Talk to me. I swear to god that I can be interesting if you want me.
All of me. Every single part of me is hurting.
You don't want me.
Well never mind, I'm the one in the end that always complies.
Maybe then finally in the end I'll be happy again.
Don't you lead me down and expect me to follow.
Because you have all this pride you can't seem to swallow.
Does it kill you to know that your bullet never hit me?
Track Name: This Song is Mostly Sarcastic
I'm slowing down.
Go on theres no need to hold up now, I'm stuck in my own damn rut.
I'm going down.
Remember when you said you were my friend?
It hasn't felt like that since then.
Don't open your hands, don't you ever dare start over again.
I'm underground.
Go on, take it all away.
Rooted deep in the dirt I will stay.
I'm nowhere to be found.
Don't open your hands, start over again.
Track Name: Ben's Habits
What's left of me could never be whole.
Confess to this, I must admit it all.
Keep your back up against the wall.
Prop yourself up so you don't fall.
Cling on to all the friends you've lost.
Cling on to all the support that's gone.
Confess to this, I must admit I'm wrong.
I'm gone.
Track Name: American Beauty (Right?)
This isn't real life, it's just a dream.
A nightmare of some sort. It's really scaring me.
But I'll just grip my fists, I'll never let go of this.
This isn't real life, it's just a dream, right?
I'm not ready yet to stay the same.
I'm not ready yet, while you've completely changed.
It's time to give up and pack your things.
I'll just stand here, just breathing.
All the things that you've exhaled.
Let go, and your skeletons.
It's time to give up and to give in.